CORE Soundtrack Download

This compilation contains 13 of the best tracks from the film, mixed and mastered at Chuck Fryberger Films into a high-quality package of MP3 Files. Just download, extract, and drop the folder into iTunes and you're ready to go. The soundtrack also contains selected audio clips from the movie that make it like watching the film all over again.

Josh Garrels - Lake Yarina
Lehtmojoe - Tom Petty (featured in CORE Trailer)
Namur - Dangerous
Othello - Oblivious Enlight Feat Braille
Mount Sims - How We Do
KLUtCh - Heeger
The Alrights - Love Love Love Love Love (featured in CORE Trailer)
Josh Garrels - Don't Wait For Me
Tyler Stenson - Wyoming
Shame Club - How Far
The Young Werewolves - Dr Jekyll  Mr Hyde
The Pirate Signal - CORE
Josh Garrels - Season of Rain

Release Date: 2010