Masters of Stone 3 & 4 Download

Two classic rock climbing films, Masters of Stone III [Third Stone From the Sun] and Masters of Stone IV [Pure Force].

Third Stone From the Sun: See 5.14c redpoints in southern France, America's toughest boulder problems at Hueco Tanks and Yosemite, Zone 3 soloing, Women's climbing, Live body rope testing with 100+ foot falls, and lots more!

Pure Force: A full hour of cutting edge climbing plus BASE jumping, cliff gymnastics, masters of steel, and more! Staring Ron Kauk in Yosemite and Tuolumne, Chris Sharma at Mickey's Beach, California, Katie Brown at Red River Gorge, Kentucky, and Alex Huber in Siurana, Spain. Watch unbelievable climbing to the music of Big Mountain, Pennywise, Boom Shaka, and others.

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Running Time: 120 Minues 

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