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Smitten is the new Australian Sport Climbing, Bouldering & BASE jumping film available on HD download exclusively through Prepare for the white knuckle, action packed, thrill ride of the year as we tour through the Grampians, Mount Arapiles , Blue Mountains, Nowra and Sydney with Australia's best Rock Climbers and BASE jumper.

Starring Lucky Chance, Chris Webb Parsons, Lee Cossey, Ben Cossey, Zac Vertrees, James Kassay, Jarmila Tyrril, Tom Farrell, Monique Forestier and many more!

Featured Climbs Include:
Mechanical Animals 33/8c
Lee Cossey
Sneaky Old Fox 34/8c+
Lee Cossey
Red Project 35/9a? Lee Cossey
Groove Train 33/8c Ben Cossey 
White Ladder 34/8c+ Chris Webb Parsons
Wheel of Life V15 Chris Webb Parsons
J1 V13 Chris Webb Parsons
Abacus V12 Chris Webb Parsons
Mana V13 James Kassay & Chris Webb Parsons
Catalyst V14 Chris Webb Parsons
One of a Kind V13 Chris Webb Parsons
Outbreak 33/8c Zac Vertrees 
Punks in the Gym 32/8b+Jarmila Tyrril & Zac Vertrees
Theda Bara 31/8b Jarmila Tyrril
Zeus V13 James Kassay
Last Action Hero V12 James Kassay
Staring at the Sea 31/8b Monique Forestier
Double Demerit V14 Tom Farrell
Tyler Durden V12 Tom Farrell
J2 V12 Tom Farrell
Not to mention loads of insane Basejumping with Lucky Chance

Warning: Strong Language and Mature Themes

Running Time: 90 Minutes
Release Date: September 2011


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