The Fanatic Search 2 - A Girl Thing Download

A 90-minute film that tells in 7 chapters the stages that mark the life of top fanatical climbers from around the world. Women from all generations, from nine-year-old Brooke Raboutou to fifty-year-old Lynn Hill, are captured in this documentary that allows viewers to appreciate how the passion of climbers evolves through time. See the beautiful achievements of these top athletes as they display the best of their talents....and Chris Sharma talks about making babies.

- Brooke Raboutou/Erbesfield climbs Big Bang, her second 7c+ at 9 years old.
- Charlotte Durif on her best achievement, the first female 8c onsight.
- Nina Caprez sending 5 pitch route Ultime Demence, 8a+ in Verdon Gorge
- Daila Ojeda climbs her first 8c, Fish Eye in Oliana, Spain.
- Pati Blasco, Mariona Marti, and Berta Martin show us how you can stay a
fanatic and be a mother, in Spanish areas like Albaracin, Cuenca, Montsant,
and Arboli
- Robyn Raboutou/Erbesfield shares her life with her fanatic kids.
- Lynn Hill demonstrates her veteran skills at the Petzl Roc Trip.

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